why i love halloween so much...

seeing these kids in there costumes.
i love love love my nieces and nephews! ethan: fish

benny boo: lobster
(my camera died so this is the only pic I have of him. doesn't do justice to the costume)

sam: charlie brown

sophie: minnie mouse

kate: ariel

jake: skeleton

lucy: minnie mouse

the two minnie's

outfit or not he still looks like charlie.

the droubay family.
josh: someone from star wars. Im not good at those names.

he is so cute.

the boys.

and the winner for best costume:
jack: the very unhappy polar bear
that was one expensive costume for two min.
but he's perfect in that costume.


amyd said...

I love the pictures.
Everyone turned out so cute. But I must say that Charlie takes the cake.

Rob-ness said...

Awesome costumes everyone is so cute. I like the pictures of Jack the most.

Holland said...

well i have to say that charlie brown is cute and the polar bear is great but i am biased and have to say minnie mouse is my favorite. hehe

Dana Dastrup said...

I would say they all turned out so so cute!! I love all the costumes! Hope you had a great Halloween!

PJ and Julie said...

the pictures turned out so cute!