Secrets of a Stylist :: The Brass Petal

Okay. Can we talk about Emily Henderson for a second, aka the winner of the of The Next Design Star?!? She is genius, and I LOVE her and her style!! She pens the blog: The Brass Petal, and she is so open about where she gets her finds, and for how much! I love reading her blog, and love her new show on HGTV!!
Here are some photos from her first makeover... 
the dining table with the bench is my favorite!

Go read about the details, and where she got the goods! 

Also, lets talk about her apartment.
Another spark of genius!
As for the side table below...just saw one just like it a local thrift store. Must have it!!

Anyway... I love Emily!! That's all! :)


Tina said...

This is too funny cause I Love Love Love Emily and her first show was amazing!!!! I am so glad she won. I love her style and how she puts things together. I am so happy to now have her blog link. Thanks! (You and I have always been SOOOO much alike!)

jillian said...

I do, too! I was so happy she won!