Thanksgiving Dinner for Two.

Chris and I were planning to go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving, but I got the itch to make it all myself (with the help of Chris of course). So that is what we did, and we were both so glad that we made it ourselves. It turned out so well and we had leftovers for days, which is always the best part!

Here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner for two!

I made my Grandmother's Thanksgiving jello, which is basically everything in the fridge thrown into raspberry jello. I grew up with it, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, but Chris HATES jello, and couldn't get past the fact that there is celery in it, so he wouldn't go near it. It sounds crazy, but it is soooo good, and so easy!!

All you do is... dissolve a large package of raspberry jello in warm water, in the pan you will serve the dish in, and then add a package of frozen raspberries, can of crushed pineapples, 1 1/2 chopped green apple, 1 pomegranate, and 3 stalks of chopped celery. And then let it firm up and chill in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

I had lots of pomegranate seeds left, so I froze them for later! It will be so good in yogurt or other such things! I love pomegranates.

We went with a roasted chicken, instead of a turkey, since it is much easier and takes less time to cook, and the perfect amount for the two of us! I have made roast chicken a ton, but this time I made an herb butter that I rubbed all over the outside, and it made it sooooo good! I will forever do that now!

We made it a point to take advantage of our dining room, and sat there for the night. We tend to eat on the couch, in front of the TV, but eating at the dining table made it so much more special!

The Menu:
Roast Chicken
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
Sage Stuffing
Roasted Butternut Squash
Grandma's Jello
Tomato & Cucumber Salad
Butter Flake Rolls
Brownies (for Chris)
Pumpkin Pie (for me) - which I haven't even eaten yet..still full!
Apple Pomegranate Sparkling Cider

It was such a fun day. I loved preparing all the food, and then of course eating it for days!
This weekend was so fun being able to do anything we wanted, which included going to two movies, eating at chick-fil-a, dinner with friends, ordering in pizza, eating til we were sick, and relaxing at home!

I am so thankful for my life right now.
I am so thankful for my faith.
I am thankful for Chicago.
Our friends and family.
Our marriage, and all that Chris does for me.
Our health.
Our jobs.
And everything else good in our lives! We are so very blessed!

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Joni and Rico Adams said...

Uh.... perfection! Seriously everything on the table looks amazing! And I have to tell you I had an experience with a similar jello. My husbands aunt made the Adams family famous cranberry jello with pomegranates and pineapple, etc.. well I started eating it and tasted celery! What's with the fruit and celery combo? I wasn't a fan. I thought it was just something different they did but apparently it's all the rage ;)

Kelsi said...

This looks amazing! I'm seriously running to the grocery store today to make that Jello. It looks and sounds soooo good. I probably put on five pounds last week with all the Thanksgiving leftovers I ate, but this makes me ready for round two!

tamara said...

Aw, looks like you guys had a lovely holiday! I'm so glad you are enjoying Chicago so much. Another blogger I follow lives there and hates it--it's such an amazing city! (Though I'd have a hard time with the winters :)

Irene said...

I love hoy you set the table with all the candles, and I will cook the chicken like you said in the recipe, all looks so good and yummy! ^^

Olivia.Dee said...

What a lovely spread! And to do it all for just two! AMAZING!

Audrey Crisp said...

That looks so yummy! I'm impressed! Leftovers from Thanksgivibg are the best!

Lynette said...

It looks so pretty! You deserve a real wife trophy.

Steoffrey said...

Yum, I am so impressed! You guys are the cutest, we miss you!

Rick and Kori said...

It all looks so delicious! I am VERY impressed :)

in morse code said...

wow that looks incredible. and i love all the candles. happy thanksgiving!

angela hardison said...

i'm impressed! i feel like if it was just clint & i, i would have tried to go out for dinner somewhere instead of making all of that food. it all looks really yummy though.

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

Oh my gosh. This all looks AMAZING. You guys seem like the classiest couple, ever.

Camilla Leila said...

this is so special!! you are amazing and inspiring.

i do a butter rub on my thanksgiving turkey every year. soooooo good. i use an entire stick of butter.

love your candles and i really want to try that jello recipe!

jasmine said...

Oh my gosh! What a FEAST!!! Everything looks amazing. And you look soooo cute in your thanksgiving outfit. I love it, and I love your hair wavy like that too!

steph said...

So pretty!! You guys rock. I couldn't cook all of that so perfectly, even if i tried really hard. Seriously, so beautiful.

Emily said...

What a lovely meal and setting. :)

Mandy said...

I love pomegranates as well...not sure if you have learned a trick to cut them or not, but my co-worker barely cuts through the outer skin in a few sections around the whole thing, then submerges the fruit into a large bowl of water, breaks open and pulls out the fruit...you can then use a strainer and clean out the inner pieces from the "goods" and it is a lot less messy as far as clean up and staining hands/work surfaces! Looks delightful and yummy!

Yellow Finch Designs said...

wow! the food looks amazing and your table setting is beautiful. that's so sweet to have a thanksgiving just the two of you ;)

Libby said...

my fiance and i were in Chicago for Thanksgiving too and just got back last night! I am not on a MAJOR diet because I had enough crappy Chicago food/pizza to last me a lonnnng time! but mmm was it good

nikki said...

stace! you're the cutest wife ever. i was super home sick this thanksgiving and was missing out fam more then ever. and hey, look! i'm blogging again...(i have too much spare time when i'm on tour :)

communikate. said...

I have apartment envy over here. That dinning room is huge! Looks like a beautiful dinner lady. We did our own thing last year, and it might be one of my favorite Thanksgivings yet.

K. Marie said...

the thanksgiving jello looks fun! i'll have to try :) also...serious table envy. gorgeous!

EmilyKate said...

I never thought to freeze excess pomegranate seeds... good tip!
Looks like a beautiful meal :o)