Vacation out West: Day in LA with Jasmine

I got to spend a whole day with one of my favorite people...Jasmine!!
She took me on a tour of her favorite places in L.A.
:: We ate at Bottega Louie, where we shared a margarita pizza and french fries, and looked at the pretty rows of macaroons ::
:: We drove to Hollywood to actually eat macaroons at Jasmine's favorite place, Lette ::
:: Drove to Venice and window shopped in some of the coolest stores ever, where we tried on freaky masks, and loved on the stacks and stacks of cake stands ::

We then drove back to her place in Long Beach, and met up with our men and headed out on a double date to their favorite eatery in town (pics to follow)!!

Nothing beats a day with Jasmine. She makes me laugh. She is my therapist. She confides in me as much as I confide in her. We can chat and chat for hours and still feel like we have more to say! She is the greatest kind of friend, and I am so thankful to the blogging world for bringing us together! It was like we dated over the Internet for 3 years and finally met up and then fell madly in love. Best girlfriends forever!


Camilla Leila said...

ahhh i love you two!! :) :) :)

Kelsi said...

This looks like the most fun day ever! I love L.A. :) And those cake stands! How cool.

N. Campbell said...

Awe Stacey the food pictures that you post always looks so yummy!! Glad you had fun in L.A I've always wanted to visit especially now that the Chicago weather is starting to be miserable! Love your blog!!

Liz said...

Y'all are so cute!! So glad you're having fun together

Alison said...

Such beautiful pictures. I love the macaroon rainbow. and cakeplates?

paddle to shore said...

Aw! You guys, this is so cute! I must check out Bottega Louie some day, and did Ette used to be called Paulette? I can't wait to see your dinner date photos! Jasmine and Levi are such great people.XO

jasmine said...

i LOVE that cupcake picture you took at bottega louie. it's perfect. and the cake plate pictures are too!!! so glad you had the idea to go in that shop... i can't believe i had never been in before. this is why you need to live here, stacey!! to make me go into shops i didn't think to go in and to eat macarons with me. every day.

i love you!! and i miss you! waaaahaaa!