Christmas 2011

{The whole family (minus sister Keri)!!}

We had a wonderful Christmas break in Utah. We spent time with my family above, Chris's family, and our good friends the Englands and the Burns. We got to eat at our favorite restaurants, play tons of games, and lounge around and be as lazy as we wanted. It was heaven!

We had my favorite Christmas brunch with scones, sausages, and my mom's deviled eggs.
I dyed my hair dark brown to match most of my sisters.
I got to hang out with my 12 (two from the Sargent side) nieces and nephews.
We ate at our favorite place in the world: Bombay House. I was giddy!

All in all it was a wonderful 2 week trip, but let's be honest...coming home after a long trip is so nice. We still have a few days off until we have to go back to work, so we are still relaxing, but slowly getting back on a schedule. I like a schedule. Vacations are great, but I am a true homebody.

Oh, and I can't believe it is almost 2012! That is just too crazy to even comprehend!


Lai Yen Yi said...

Happy New Year to you : )
All the best for you in the coming 2012!

Tina said...

Couldn't believe the pictures went so smoothly and looked so good. It was a great Christmas! Loved having everyone here.

jasmine said...

I'm really loving you as a brunette!

neuroticmom said...

I cannot believe we got that good of a picture with that many people in 2 minutes!!! It seriously amazes me. It WAS a fun Christmas, wasn't it??? Good to see you guys. We love you so much.

Miss Wendy said...

Your hair looks amazing!!! I love the dark color.

I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

abby said...

i couldn't be more thankful for the family time and relaxation we've been enjoying over the last week. makes me dread going back to a work schedule- i like this lazy way of living!

Katz NYC said...

Oh my! What a huge family. During the holidays the most we have around the same table is 5-6 people! Happy New year!

tRiSh said...

What a gorgeous big family you have!