{Franklin turns 5 months on Monday, the 22nd}

I can't believe I almost have a five month old. Like everyone has said, it goes by so fast. It is so bittersweet watching him grow. It's sad to see him no longer my tiny little baby, but I love watching him learn new things and he just gets more and more fun. Right now he loves to play with is feet, hates tummy time, and refuses to roll over even though he knows how. Loves to talk and yell...he has lots to say!! Is the happiest baby, just make sure he gets lots of sleep. Sleeps 10-12 hours every night. Now, no longer wants to lay down, he is far too big for that. He wants to stand, or sit like a big boy. Loves his exersaucer thing more than anything, and has the cutest little laugh in all the land.


Ashley Wright said...

Please give me your secret! 10-12 hours a night? You are one lucky mama! My little girl turns 5 months on the 21st and we are getting half that amount. Did you use a sleep training program?


Lara said...

Ok this baby slays me. He's so adorable. I love your blog :) It's inspiring me to carry my camera around more like always now.

neuroticmom said...

His face in total concentration is the cutest!