Franklin's blessing day

We blessed this sweet boy on December 2, 2012.
It was the most beautiful blessing, given to him by his father, with all his uncles and grandpas by his side. Franklin was a dream the whole day, and we feel so blessed to have this boy in our lives. The day was beyond magical!

After church, we came back to my mom's house and had brunch. My mom and I prepped the dishes the night before, and my sweet mother-in-law brought cinnamon rolls and sticky buns as well.

The menu:
Baked French Toast
My mom's famous deviled eggs
Green Chile Egg Casserole
Sticky Buns
Cinnamon Rolls
Hot Chocolate Bar 

 {Franklin with my brother-in-law Jeff}

{The Grandmas}

 {Chris's brother Andy, Grandma Sargent, Franklin, and Papa}

Couldn't love this sweet boy more!!


Tiffany Rebecca said...

He's SO cute!!! And I love his outfit too:) What a great way to celebrate the day.

communikate. said...

Gosh he's cute and so smiley! I can't wait for that stage with Gray! Looks like a beautiful day with beautiful family members!

Camilla Salem Dugonjic said...

he looks so much like you in some of those smiling pictures. like it blew me away. i thought i was looking at YOU doing a crazy big smile. :)

what a sweet day for the world's sweetest little boy.
you have such a beautiful family.

i love you!!

Audrey Crisp said...

He is just too cute! Okay so my mom has those Santa mugs and those glasses and plates from Spode!! What great taste your mom has! Ha! Love those trees too!

carla thorup said...

I love blessing days. He's so sweeeeet

neuroticmom said...

I love the picture with Jeff. Franklin looks so nervous. It was a great day!

andrea miller said...

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