Four, Five, & Six.


Playing on the floor before nap time. He was a tired boy. Those big blue eyes get me!


To pass the time before bedtime (we start his routine at 6:15, and he is in bed by 7), which is also usually Franklin's most fussy time, we take trips to the grocery store (thank you freezing winter) and let Frank ride in the big boy forward facing stroller seat. This is usually what we do to keep him awake, but the other day he sneakily took a little catnap. He looked so cute we couldn't bare to wake him.


It was a teeny tiny bit warmer out the other day, so we decided to get all bundled up and stroll around the neighborhood for a quick second, and since Frankie looks so cute in his mini puffy coat and a hat, it made it that much better. We didn't stay outside for long, but Franklin loved it, and it was a nice change from the grocery store isles.


Ginnie said...

He's getting so big!! I love all of his expressions... Our little guys is going to be one in 10 days! I can't believe how fast it went... Seeing your little Franklin makes me reminisce of my guy at this age!!! So bittersweet...


Bridgette Nicole said...

What a cute little guy! Love your blog!!

Tina said...

Oh how I love Franks in that fur lined hat!