Today. || Our Daily Journal ||

|| We are trying to sleep train Franklin without being tightly wrapped. I swear he will be 2 years old and still needing to be wrapped to go to sleep. So for his morning nap we put him the wrap he can wiggle free in. It makes him wake up, do 180s in the crib, and have to cry himself back to sleep a few times. No fun. ||
|| We went to lunch with our cousins. ||
|| We shopped at target... of course! ||
|| Frankie napped on the go, which is usually where he has his second and third naps. ||
|| We spent time in the backyard, on gross grass, just so we could be in the sunshine and a little bit of warmth. ||
|| Franklin jumped like a crazy person in his favorite jump jump, which hangs in the coat closet. ||
|| While jumping he went from hysterically laughing to pouting and crying in a matter of seconds. Those big tears and that pout face is so cute and so sad. ||
|| He ate a dinner of oatmeal. We ate a dinner of cheese toast (that is all we felt like making). ||
|| He took a bubble bath and was in bed, asleep by 6:30. ||
|| And now I'm off to get a massage... wahoo! ||

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Audrey Crisp said...

He's too cute! Sleep training is so difficult. We seriously swaddled Wes till he was 10 months old! Crazy I know! Where did you get those leggings?