Yesterday. || Our Daily Journal ||

We are spending the week in California.

|| Yesterday we met up with Jasmine & Cecily at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. ||
|| We lunched, and met each other's babies (they are 2 months apart). ||
|| We chatted, and caught up since last time we were together (when we were both pregnant). ||
|| The babies got sick of us watching us eat, so strolled them around the mall. ||
|| We happened upon the Easter Bunny, and of course we HAD to get a picture. ||
|| Cecily was happy. Franklin was concerned, and cried a little bit. ||
|| Jasmine got macaroons, and we left so Franklin could have a nap driving back to my sister's house. ||
|| We then helped my sister, Julie, make dinner and loved on her new little girl, Etta. ||
|| Then bed for Frank, and TV time for the parents. ||


Audrey Crisp said...

Love these pics! Wish I build meet Etta! Tell Julie hello and congrats! She's so cute.

Audrey Crisp said...

*could not build

Camilla Salem Dugonjic said...

Can't even tell you how much I love this post and these pictures. You both made some CUTE babies.

also absolutely love frankies concerned face

jasmine said...

I loooove the first picture. They're just checking him out, trying to get the feel for this weird bunny guy. Hilarious!! We loved seeing you guys!!! Wish we could have spent more time together. Come over now!!!!! ;)

Tina said...

These pictures are so cute! Both babies are adorable!