Life with Franklin: 8 Months

This hunk of love is 8 months old! How is he already eight months old? I can't even believe it! It has been the greatest 8 months ever! Living with this boy, and being his mama is the best. 
He is the dreamiest. 

He has lots of yummy rolls. This boy loves to eat. He wants to be an adult and eat adult food. He loves rice the most. He loves dinner every night of oatmeal and fruit and veggie purees. He also loves a treat of fig newtons or to share a banana with me. He refuses to take a bottle anymore, and doesn't even want to try a sippy cup. He's not interested. 

He has the funniest little personality. We already know he is 100% Chris's personality and I love it. He wants someone to be around him at all times. He make hilarious faces, and has the most contagious laugh ever. He is ticklish on the back of the neck and on his sides. He loves to listen to music in the car, play with my phone, and grabs at pretty much everything around him. 

He refuses to even try to crawl. He won't do it. He just wants to sit and play, or be held and jump like a crazy person. He won't attempt to get something that is just out of his reach. He doesn't want to have to try too hard to get anything. Nothing is important enough to him to try to move. I swear he will never ever crawl, but I kinda like it. I don't have to worry about him, and he just contently plays as long as I am in his sights.

He smiles all crazy, with his nose all scrunched, when he doesn't like something. He doesn't like when we sing opera or do something too loud or too scary. If you keep doing it, he will end up crying. 
It is the cutest and saddest thing ever. 

He reaches out to be picked up. He gives open mouth kisses (he is starting to get picky about when he gives these now). He is the most curious boy ever with his eyes always open wide and just soaking  everything in around him. He loves to be out and about, and I make sure we both get out of the house once a day. He loves to look out the window while we drive around and gets excited when he sees the tops of trees. He will hold out his arm with his palm open wide and let out the cutest little sound when he sees something that excites him. Every little thing he does is amazing and perfect and the cutest ever.

We love you baby boy!


holtkamp said...

8 months already!? he is so cute, i love these pictures. baby open mouth kisses are the best. thanks for sharing this sweetheart with us :)

Audrey Crisp said...

So cute!! He has the cutest big blue eyes!!

neuroticmom said...

I love this boy so much! Those are some beautiful shots.

Kayla said...

So sweet. Such a cutie pie.

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jasmine said...

i looooooove his scrunchy nose smile!!!! love love love him.

Tina said...

Loves to little Frankie!

Camilla Salem Dugonjic said...

these pictures of him are perfect. he sounds like such a dreamboat. i love him!!!!!

shugarlove.com said...

Well, your little man is beyond cute! He defines cuteness! Thanks for sharing!


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