Creative Ways to Add Pizza Pie to Your Wedding Catering

What to Do in  Your Wedding Catering Day?

Chowing down on pizza is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so why not add a slice of cheesy heaven to your wedding day? Ever heard of a couple incorporating a pie into their ceremony? If you do, you can really enjoy doing it into your own too. But the best’s thing that you can include in your wedding day is the pizza moment. This will truly be a unique thing to add in your wedding catering. So make sure that you will have a great wedding event with the pizza idea on your edge. Here are some creative ways to incorporate these pizza pies into your big day:

A treat for the road

You don’t really have to put on “everything is pizza” on your menu list. You can just save the pizza later as your take-home. Send your guests home with personal pizza wrapped in a pretty bow. This will be a great thank you gift for them that they have witnessed and attended the most special event of your life. This will be a great treat that they can chew on the road.

A perfect late-night snack

Don’t want to serve pizza at your reception? Bring it to the after party and serve it under heat lamps instead. Do your pizza eating when you all stay overnight for the party. It will be a great snack for those liquors that you are taking. Serve it to your guests while they enjoy the continuous party in your wedding venue.

A cheesy meal on wheels

A food truck is a simple yet fun way to dole out slices to hungry guests.It can also add fun to your wedding photography. With this kind of catering on your wedding day, you’ll save money and time on washing the dishes. This will be a very practical way to keep you guests full and satisfy them with some pizza truck in your wedding venue. It is also great for outdoor weddings.

A delicious and kid-friendly reception activity

Involve your younger guests by letting them get their hands floured up at a dough-rolling station. It’s like a make your own pizza! This will be so much fun to do because your young guests will be cooking their own flavor of pizza with the help of the experts of course. This will be a great entertainment for everyone as well. Plus, the older ones can also involve themselves if they want a little dirty fun.

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