Practical Ideas to Cut the Cost of Your San Francisco, CA Wedding Venues for Your Ceremony and Reception

Six Tips to Lower Down Your Wedding Venue Cost

1Every wedding is special and what make it more memorable and extraordinary is through the wedding venues chosen for the big event. However, an impressive wedding venue may also mean that it could be expensive too. Unfortunately, not everyone has the liberty not to have a strict budget when it comes to their wedding venues in San Francisco, CA. If you are one of them, here are some practical ideas that could be of use to you so that you can save big on your wedding venue.  

  1.       Don’t get married on a common day

The most common day to get married is Saturday and this is the day that you should avoid. Saturday is a traditional day of the week to hold events because this is when almost every guest can attend. And since this is a common day for events, this is the most expensive out of all the seven days of the week. This is also applicable when hiring wedding photographer.

  1.       Definitely don’t get married during summer

Another one you have to avoid is peaks seasons and summer months is usually the period for wedding venues and other vendors to get busy due to higher demand. Add to that the supply and demand law that definitely explains why getting married during summer is more expensive than doing it in the other seasons of the year.

  1.       Know where you should spend more

You must know where you should put you most of your budget to and what you should prioritize. It would be unwise to spend big for your wedding venue but be stingy when it comes to your catering services. Yes, this is your big day and you can do whatever you want to achieve your dream wedding but you also have to keep in mind the guests that will be with you from start to finish. You don’t want them to go home with unsatisfied appetite, right?

  1.       Hire one wedding venue only

Instead of hiring separate venues for the ceremony and dinner, it is more practical to just do both in one venue. There are now many wedding venues in San Francisco, CA that can house both events. This will also save you a lot of travel time and gas expense.

  1.       Look for new wedding venues

If there are newly-established wedding venues around your area, don’t hesitate to make enquiries. The possibility is that just like other businesses, the offered venue rates of new wedding venues could still be low to attract potential clients.

  1.       Benefit from all-inclusive wedding packages

If you can get most of your wedding needs from your hired wedding venue, why not? All-inclusive wedding packages are now offered to make it easier for couples to plan their wedding.  Save time, money, and there will also staff that will coordinate your needs for you, click here.

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